Standing Tall - Our new Earthfire Pizza stand at the Root44 market

Can you believe that we have shed our skin 3 times at the Root 44 market? With all your support over the last couple of years we keep outgrowing ourselves. We are super proud to announce the launch of our beautiful, spectacular and very stylish market stand!

We started at this market two and a half years ago, with a stand so small we could only fit 3 people and 3 ovens into it. From this little stand, we produced pizza that many said was the best they had ever tasted, which of course made us feel rather chuffed. We had so much fun making pizza on the weekend, exploring flavours, building our menu, and introducing our unique pizza ovens to market goers, that we decided to make this our full time focus. Our little stand was able to make up to 150 pizzas in a day. Our pizzas became quite famous for their thin crispy base and before we knew it, we outgrew our first stand.

Stand number two was a sort of hybrid, parts of our original stand with added bits, an extension to 3 x 4m and a REAL till. We soon became comfortable in this new space. With 6 ovens and 6 people, the pizzas just kept flying out! Not only were we selling pizzas and ovens, but customers started asking for our bases. With this great idea we started to sell our premade pizza bases, which added another element to our offering. After a good year in this space we decided it was time to grow again.

We couldn’t stop dreaming of a new stand. We really wanted to showcase our pizza ovens, to demonstrate how easy they are to use. After months of ideas, drawings and James discovering the joys of ‘Pinterest’ (accusing all the girls of keeping a wonderful thing a secret from him), our stand finally came to life! It now has 8 ovens, a team of 8 and the capacity for a whole lot more pizza making! Of course we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for our regular visitors who have brought friends and family along to come and taste our famous pizza.

Many customers have wanted to create their own Earthfire Pizza Experience at home. Fortunately we sell our ovens and accessories, our premade bases and boards, all from the market. Most importantly, you get us! Our experience, expertise and passion, packed in a box or on the other side of a call or email, to have the best pizza experience possible.

The  in Stellenbosch is a fantastic place for families, foodies, market explorers and just about anybody who wants a lovely day out!

Come pop in and say hello. We’d love to meet you, show you our ovens and give you a pizza on the house 🙂 Just mention this post to remind us!

J & M

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