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Beech Pizza Oven


Rated: 3,94 out of 59 votes.

Includes Pizza Paddle, Stone Lifter, Pizza Stone and Stainless Steel Grid

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+ Description

Product Description

This handmade ceramic Beech Pizza Oven with its stylish design, allows you to experience authentic wood fired pizzas within the comfort of your home. From intimate family pizza nights to fun gatherings and gourmet entertainment, you will never want to eat pizza anywhere else!

Revolutionise pizza evenings, by bringing the Beech Pizza Oven into your kitchen or onto your table. Everyone can get involved and with a pizza being cooked every 3 minutes, you get a thin, crispy base while the toppings remain delicious and full of flavour. Gather your family and friends around the table, get creative with your toppings and have fun sharing your inventions.

Pizza nights just became fun and easy!

+ Features: Easier
  • As easy as making a braai
  • Use our premade bases
  • Use your oven anywhere, indoors, outdoors, home or away
  • Use on your kitchen counter
  • Easy to transport, portable
+ Features: Faster
  • Oven ready within 30 minutes!
  • 3 minutes a pizza!
  • You can’t eat them faster than the oven can cook them!
  • Premade bases available – no hassle of making dough and rolling bases. Add your toppings and go!
+ Features: Cost Effective
  • A fraction of the cost of a built in oven
  • Uses 1/3 bag of charcoal
  • Oven stays at temperature for 2-3 hours
  • You can take your oven with you should you move home
+ Features: Versatile
  • Oven, Braai and Smoker – all in one
  • Anything you can do in your conventional oven you can do in the pizza oven
  • Bake bread, roast meat, roast veggies, smoke meat/fish, and BRAAI!
+ Quick Points
  • proudly South African – hand made in Cape Town
  • unique 100% fireproof clay body
  • limited lifetime warranty on clay body
  • highest quality parts and attachments
  • uses wood or charcoal for authentic wood fired pizza
  • super heat efficiency! Cooks for hours on one fire
  • heat up time only 30 minutes
  • maintains proper pizza oven temperature for hours (350-450°C)
  • under 3 minutes per pizza – entertain 8 with ease
  • porous pizza stone – crispy bases
  • very versatile – braai, smoker, grill etc
  • compact and portable
  • indoor/outdoor
  • accessories included
  • minimal cleaning
  • replaceable parts
+ How to use your Pizza Oven
+ Reviews (3)


  1. Maintenance (verified owner)

    A very good product great conversation piece.

  2. Maintenance (verified owner)

    Not only did it work well, but it was an excellent conversation piece.

  3. Dion

    A fantastic authentic pizza oven that doubles as a proper braai. I took mine up to Zambia where it remains today, much used and loved by friends who refused to let me bring it back to SA five years later. You’ll never regret buying one.

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